We're thrilled to begin SEASON 4 TEAM TRAINING at Cheer Haven!  Our Haven Staff is excited to announce and offer the unique opportunity for current and new All-Stars to participate in a 1-MONTH LONG try-out training clinic! Participants will attend stunt, jump & tumbling sessions to improve technique and upgrade skills for try-outs as well as for the new season!


During the week of April 24th - April 30th, our Staff & current All-Star members will enjoy a "Family Break Week" as we prepare for the upcoming season training. No All-Star events will be scheduled. 

Season 4 Training will begin in May 2021.



We are thrilled to announce that our annual TEAM PLACEMENTS will be posted in June 2021! This event ALWAYS is the result of months of planning and preparation. Thus, the rosters listed will be FINAL. 



We welcome new athletes interested in becoming an All-Star to join our Summer Training for ages 4-11 at Cheer Haven. These groups will eventually have the opportunity to become Novice Teams and members will compete at 3-4 Local Competitions. A parent meeting will be scheduled in August for specific details. Email CheerHavenAllStars@gmail.com if you are interested!



Please wear ALL black to all Practices in June. A form-fitting black tank top or athletic sports bra would be ideal - with black shorts or capris. Please wear hair up and tight and wear white cheer shoes. Practice wear will be available for sizing (mandatory purchase) after teams are formed. 




Parents are not permitted to enter the training area during allstar practices. For safety purposes and in line with Washington Crown Center policies, please do not leave children unattended at the mall. We also ask that children exit the gym upon practice ending - they are not permitted to "play" on the equipment before or after any Cheer Haven training. Thank  you for your cooperation and understanding. Safety is the number one priority. During team practices, parents will be invited to view our team progress in our PARENT LOUNGE. Coaches will also invite parents to watch routine progress during the last 5 minutes of each practice.




All Cheer Haven All-Star members are welcome to use the locker room facilities at the gym. Please store all valuables at your own risk - only bring cell phones when necessary. 



All competitive athletes are required to register as annual members under the United States All Star Federation. 

A  comprehensive and streamlined Athlete Membership program supports the key programs of the USASF with focus on athlete safety, including:

  • Confirming qualified coaches through credentialing and posting passing results of youth sport standard background checks.

  • Ensuring that competitions meet best safety practices through event sanctioning.

  • Administering safety guidelines that protect athletes at every age and ability level.

  • Providing accident and catastrophic insurance coverage at USASF Sanctioned Events and in member gyms.

  • Promoting a positive image for All Star.

The annual Athlete Membership fee is $30 for all athletes.

More information is provided on the USASF Website.